About us

As a team of experienced technologists, designers, machine-tool operators, and heat treatment operators, we have decided that we had all resources to create a socially responsible manufacturing business to release high-quality component parts. People with disabilities and pensioners are engaged in the manufacturing process. The efficient use of the labor of such people was one of the main goals of launching this project. It should be highlighted, efficient use of labor but not running out employees ragged. Such an approach is implemented through high-tech and ergonomic equipping of the workplace. In our company, labor is aimed at improving people’s working life instead of exhausting them as bare tools. Each person engaged in our manufacturing process performs a complex cycle of important operations and obtains necessary industrial training. Hopefully, in the world of the 21st century, there will be no room for slave labor of children, seniors, and people with disabilities, and such people will be involved in the manufacturing process adequately and efficiently. By purchasing our knives, you not only obtain high-quality products but also contribute to people who make these knives.